Our Story

For over 40 years, PNS Tech has been recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for agricultural machinery and road maintenance equipment. Over the years, we have continuously developed our skills and expertise, which has allowed us to build a solid reputation in the market and establish a wide distribution network in North America and several European countries.

Our building in Saint-Agapit—over 46,500 sq. ft.—houses our factory, offices, lounge area for employees and a massive warehouse.

Every day, we deliver an outstanding customer experience and exceptional quality parts. We are proud to have developed a loyal—and growing—customer base in Canada, in addition to expanding our presence abroad through exports.

The workplace

As our business has expanded over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to create a number of specialized and production worker positions, both full-time and part-time, on an annual basis.

At PNS Tech, we want our employees to feel like they belong to a team that is dedicated to the success of the business and offers real opportunities for advancement and a career plan.

The company places a premium on building long-term relationships with employees (seniority), not only as a gauge of commercial success, but also because it is so rewarding on a personal level.

As they grow with the company, employees can expect to enjoy a number of benefits: specialization, training, a retirement plan, group insurance, compensation for physical activities, reimbursements for work clothes, and more.

Dedication, performance and respect for colleagues and the work environment are what we expect from our staff.

While our factory specializes in steel processing, a traditionally male-dominated industry, our equipment, automation strategy and company philosophy provide a thriving career opportunity for both men and women.

Postes disponibles

Journalier d’usine

Notre équipe recherche plusieurs journaliers d’usine qui exécuteront différentes tâches de production liées à la transformation d’acier. Vous êtes en bonne forme physique, vous aimeriez travailler au sein d’une équipe dynamique dans une entreprise en forte croissance? On vous veut dans notre équipe! Postulez à partir du formulaire.


Nous recherchons des soudeurs pour réaliser les tâches de soudage, de montage et d’assemblage de nos différentes pièces. Vous aurez aussi à faire de la préparation de surfaces et à manœuvrer des robots soudeurs. Vous habitez la région de Lotbinière et vous aimeriez travailler au sein d’une entreprise en pleine croissance? On vous veut dans notre équipe! Postulez à partir du formulaire.

Opérateur de robot soudeur

Nous sommes à la recherche de nouveaux membres qui pourront s’ajouter à notre équipe d’opérateurs. Vous prenez plaisir à travailler en équipe, vous avez de l’expérience dans le domaine? Faites-nous parvenir votre candidature dès maintenant! Postulez à partir du formulaire.

Workplace values

Respect and integrity

The values we want to instill and model for all PNS Tech members are applied every day throughout our organization and in our relationships with customers and partners; regardless of our workload or company targets, we believe everyone deserves respect.

Our team is made up of men and women, team leaders and managers, who apply the values of integrity and ethics in their relationships with all the people who drive the success of our company.


We value team unity and also care deeply about every individual’s development. The human resources department and weekly meetings with employees support our work to improve communication between teammates.

To that end, we believe it is important for management to properly inform employees about the company’s strategic objectives and how they can contribute.

Teamwork and engagement

Collective effort leads to efficiency: that is the idea behind our philosophy that teamwork is essential to achieve all of our goals.

The company follows through on its commitment with digital and technological investments, automation and a lounge area with a modern cafeteria and terrace. Beyond modernization, we do our best to foster an environment open to diversity, creativity, innovation and the motivation of every individual to create an environment where it’s fun to do your job!

Working for us has many benefits:
  • Social activities
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Ongoing training
  • Health program
  • Registered retirement savings plan
  • Company-branded clothing/uniforms


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