Scarifier board

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Buy this heavy duty scarifier board from PNS Tech. Made from carbon steel, these blades will outlast the standard steel cutting edges by far ! A full range of rotating and non-rotating carbide bits could be installed on these scarifier boards. Extended wear life and durability ! This heavy duty scarifier board is specially designed for graders / underbody plow, essential snow removal equipment. Ideal to cut through ice and snowpacks ! The blade has the following dimensions: Thickness: 1-1/4'' Width: 5'' Length: 36'' Holes are punched 1-1/2'' Top punch (back gauge) Bolt spacing 3'' * 3'' * 6'' * 6'' * 3'' * 3'' Holes are 11/16'' square and countersunk to accept 5/8'' plow bolts These blades have a bevel on top to allow proper installation on graders and underbody moldboards. For over 40 years, PNS Tech has been a reliable manufacturer and master distributor of spare parts for agricultural machinery and road maintenance equipment.


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Specs (materials) Carbon steel